Angela María Ortíz S. Photography


©2014 Anselmo Sinclair Ortiz

©2014 Anselmo Sinclair Ortiz

Angela María Ortíz S.

Birthplace: Colón, Panamá

Angela is an accomplished graphic artist, designer and consultant in publishing. Throughout her life she has created art on a daily basis. The worlds she began creating on paper as a child were the beginnings of a style she has come to call-primitive expressionism; a style she continues to explore in a wide variety of media.

2014 Sunset Light

2014 Sunset Light

Photographic images in the traditional (film) and the digital palette are some of her favorites, but she hasn’t limited herself, having used oil, charcoal, pastels, stone, wood and ceramics to broaden her scope. In all her work, the rich, almost overwhelming colors that are part of her cultural and personal perspective spill out of the images and fill the surrounding world. Meanwhile, the images themselves whether in color or black and white continue to surprise with their simplicity and strength.

Through its continuing evolution, the goal of Angela’s work has always remained the same: to recreate the images and inhabitants of our commonplace, real world, investing them with new life and power, creating “a little space,” as Angela calls it, “a window into the world of my imagination.”

“I’ve always said I was not out to change the world—the art world or the world in general.” But as she gets older, “I realize as artists we do make changes even if we don’t mean to.”

Angela says. “My main goal is to bring pleasure to my audience…and to myself.”

Her photographs and paintings are in many private collections.

Here is an interview of me talking about my photography on Vimeo. It was done by director/writer Jesús Salvador Treviño. We’ve been trying to do this for sometime and finally it’s done. Jesus is quite a documentarian. This interview will be part of an archive that he’s put together of artists, writers, entertainers and more. He has a website called Latinopia, this video is part of it and I do a weekly photo column called ANGELA’S PHOTO OF THE WEEK.

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